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Video Games, Part Bazillion in Parenting: Masculinity

As a parent, every time I think I have healthy video game habits figured out for our family, I learn that there is still room for improvement. Though sometimes I wish that we were a family that didn’t play video … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauty

    The busy-ness of getting through a day can cause all of us forget about the brave and difficult work that so many women have made in the past to make it possible for us all to achieve more out of life. … Continue reading

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My 8 Favorite Books of 2014

January is almost over and I meant this to be a New Year’s post. However, it is still January so, Happy New Year! Here are my favorite books from last year. I’m going to keep it simple so that you … Continue reading

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Design & Build

Having kids grows you up for sure. They teach us so many lessons about ourselves when we introduce them to things we love and explore just by having the advantage of being able to watch them figure things out for the first time. … Continue reading

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Is it Worth it to Follow the Elementary School Holy Grail?

Parents, please weigh in. Is it worth a long drive to give your kid the elementary school education that you dream of for him? Right now, my son attends our neighborhood school. We live in the best school district in … Continue reading

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Space Month!

I meant to write just one more Santa post for 2013 but the snowball rolling down the mountain that is Christmas crushed me yet again. I will table my Santa stuff for next year with no worries. Christmas comes every … Continue reading

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My War with Santa: Part 2: The Nativity

I know I sounded grumpy in the last post. Now, just fresh from watching The Polar Express with my son this year, I feel a mite less grumpy. OK, OK, I am beginning to see that the point of the … Continue reading

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My War With Santa: Part 1

Santa Hits First Last year I had a major battle with the dude in red and white. Now December is here again and I find I am still in the midst of battle. Will I win? No. But I will … Continue reading

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