From Startup To Bliss

It has been about 7 months since I published my last post about the birth, life and death of my experience with iTipArtists in my blog 15 Lessons Learned from The Startup. I created that blog to have a healthy way to express my thoughts and feelings about this tumultuous time; a good way to digest everything positively.

So! It is time to move on.

I considered just leaving the blog up and being done with it, but it bothered me that it would just be sitting there, getting old and stale.

I considered just taking it down, but that just didn’t seem like the right course either. I think there is good information there to share and that people still might find relevant for a while longer.

Also, I enjoyed all of the writing, and though I didn’t have the blogging bug before I started the 15 Lessons blog, I realized that it is a lot of fun. So I decided to keep on blogging, but to change the focus to my domestic life.

But what to name it? Coyote Bliss!

When I was going through the ending of the startup, I found Coyote stories particularly comforting.

Do you know any Coyote stories? They are great! Coyote is a character from many Native American cultural stories. Usually he is a prankster, but I feel on the lighter side of prankster as his stories make me laugh. He is sometimes a protagonist but more often on the wrong side of the story. Coyote can be a jerk but he is not evil. He simply always makes for a great story that helps me reflect on flaws I have and laugh about them.

Also, something that I like about him is that he has a lot of pluck. I think he is akin to a teenager walking around, doing what he likes, thinking that he knows everything and that he will always win. Sometimes that doesn’t work out so well for him. But sometimes it does, which is the best! It is a great thing about young people that helps the world move forward. A very good example of this is in the story Coyote Kills A Giant. Check it out!

Anyway, I am encouraged by the funny stories of his flaws and his pluck so I named this blog Coyote Bliss; joy in life along with all of the missteps that come along the way. So  enjoy my writings about children, gardening, food, music, art, the environment and other various domestic subjects.

On a side note, I will soon move the original address of this blog,, to be  another name for my harp business site This blog will soon permanently change its name to


About LornaGovier

Lorna Govier lives in Tucson, AZ.
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1 Response to From Startup To Bliss

  1. Judy Rehfeld says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog entries: you’re a good writer. Glad you are continuing.

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