Lesson #13: The myth of the shark tank: The amazing business community of Tucson.

As I mentioned in Lesson #1, before I started iTipArtists, I had this terribly misinformed idea of what business people are generally like. Basically, I got the impression they were all like Michael Douglass from Wall Street, or Donald Trump from The Apprentice. I assumed that all business people were at least aspiring to be heartless, profiteering, backstabbers who didn’t care about their community and how they affect others. But I did think they all looked great doing those things. Hollywood. Feh!

Yes, I know it is ridiculous for me to have thought this, given that there are signs all over the place (patronage of the arts, charitable organizations, volunteerism, all by successful business people,) that this is not true. But, prejudice is pretty ridiculous in general.

Anyway, I was truly blown away by how many successful business people care about Tucson. Tucson holds a special place in the hearts of many; it has so much natural beauty, a vibrant arts community, lovely weather and gorgeous gem-like homes. Some successful business folks I met moved here to retire, and some have grown up here.  They all honestly want to see their beautiful home continue to grow and be successful. There were a good 6 or 7 great mentors at Startup Tucson last year, and about this many at the Arizona Center for Innovation. These mentors gave time and enthusiastic advice to us all. They were all very positive and want to see new businesses succeed.

They share the value I have of wishing overall success as it benefits everyone.

So, I write this entry as a shout out to the business folks who are so supportive of new ventures and about the success of their community. You guys are great!

I’d also like to recommend the BizTucson articles for Powering and Entrepreneurial Economy for more info about the supportive and positive business community in Tucson.

If you are going to seriously take the plunge and start your own company, great people are rooting for you here; its not all sharks and mean competitors.


About LornaGovier

Lorna Govier lives in Tucson, AZ.
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