Introduction, Part 2. The Startup: The Top Fifteen Things I Learned from Starting iTipArtists…

I wasn’t kidding when I said that I learned a lot.

I was struck one day talking to Justin at a lunch when he said something like, “You learn the most from your failures.” I think this is quite true. When I have failed in the past though I haven’t been terribly introspective about what went wrong. I would obsess about this and that detail and just try to stumble on. I’m hoping this list will be more helpful than that, and perhaps helpful to anyone else embarking on a startup.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing the Top Fifteen Lessons I can share from this amazing experience:

1. A great idea is easy. I will have others.

2. Great minds do NOT think alike.

3. Leadership is not JUST bossiness.

4. Bossiness does have its place. (Be a pain the patoot when you need to be!)

5. Just make something!

6. My legal advice:

7. Incubate, but be assertive.

8. Yes, it does take 40+ hours a week of consistent work to make a startup…start.

9. Lifestyle businesses are not for losers.

10. Money isn’t my motivator. Crap!

11. Nannies are just not for me.

12. How do I work with other people?

13. The myth of the shark tank: The amazing business community of Tucson.

14. Change the world!

15. I plan to bring it home.


About LornaGovier

Lorna Govier is a stay at home mother from Tucson, Arizona. She takes care of a home, husband and two young children. She is also a harpist with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester. Before she moved to Tucson and started a family, she worked for ECRI as a project engineer. On Wordpress, Lorna has a domestically themed blog, Coyote Bliss.
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One Response to Introduction, Part 2. The Startup: The Top Fifteen Things I Learned from Starting iTipArtists…

  1. Darcy says:

    Good stuff, Lorna. Keep it coming!

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